J.A. Fielden’s incomparable strengths lies in our exceptionally strong capability to provide comprehensive construction management services. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to offer historical benchmarking that builds sureness that our numbers are accurate. The depth of our services, combined with extensive experience, not only affects price, but also results in better planning, staying on schedule, and the highest quality.


At JA Fielden, we have demonstrated our commitment to implementing the best construction practices and sustainable features for over 30 years by delivering high quality design build projects.

The consistent committed relationships between our design team and subcontractors successfully allows us in providing cost effective, high-quality, and on-time construction that delivers the best value and for our clients.


For over 30 years JA Fielden has been a successful general contractor throughout the southeast. We have some of the most experienced and qualified team members along with a large network of trade partners.

Our experienced team members know the fine details of quality construction, will always do things the right way, along with being safety and compliance as a top priority.


JA Fielden is committed to meeting the needs for today and for the future in an approach consistent with environmental responsibility. We believe in safeguarding of the environment and the communities we serve in all that we do.

We have LEED and CPESC accredited professionals on staff and can assist owners in decision making needs to meet a project’s sustainability goals.


We are a company that has practiced a lean approach to building for the past 30 years by incorporating Lean tools and the philosophy throughout the company to guide our efforts and best serve our clients.

At JA Fielden, we are always about continuous improvement. The Lean Philosophy is not just a philosophy but a practice that we apply on every project we are involved in.  Lean is an approach to manage and improve the construction processes with minimum cost and maximum value add in all dimensions of a project. It strengthens all our efforts on our projects from safety, quality control, and productivity that encourages useful contributions from everyone involved with the project which allows JA Fielden to better serve our clients.


At JA Fielden, we believe our clients deserve the best in every aspect, especially when it comes to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems.  For a project to function as expected and to stay on budget and schedule, MEP systems must be designed, estimated, purchased, installed, started, and commissioned correctly.  Our team ensures MEP systems work as promised.


Preconstruction is a critical element to a project’s overall success and delivers better outcomes.  Our pre-construction services are handled in-house, and we utilize industry specific subcontractors and operations team members.

During pre-construction our experts take a proactive approach which includes early engagement from project managers, superintendents, and additional key construction staff who are instrumental to help plan the work and work the plan. We believe integrating our expertise early in the process can create confidence in our estimate, both internally and externally.

We provide accurate cost, schedule evaluations, and establish a plan for successful construction through the completion of the project.   At JA Fielden, we build a thorough understanding of the objectives for the project, then create a plan to achieve them for our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.

With our attention to detail in the pre-construction phase, it allows the project to stay on schedule and avoid surprises later in the building process.


At JA Fielden we look at strategic sourcing when it comes to all aspects of a project such as:

  • construction equipment
  • architectural materials
  • interior finishes
  • fixtures and furnishings

We negotiate with major national brands and leading manufacturers to ensure we are getting market competitive pricing, effective planning, cutting-edge design, technical and logistic support to make sure our clients are receiving the best quality and products.


With over 30 years of construction and development expertise, our program management services leverage best practices from our projects ensuring our clients are delivered an on time and successful project by continually evaluating our client’s construction goals in the role of advocate and negotiator.


Clients work with our project teams to develop project schedules.  Our projects teams increase our company-wide accuracy and productivity on all projects.

At JA Fielden, our project teams help ensure accuracy on each project, and the team’s involvement in the scheduling process guarantees that when construction begins, they can work more efficiently because they’re familiar with every piece of the project.


Quality estimates take shape in many different ways, with the key being the process, tools, and people. J.A. Fielden has the systems in place to estimate civil, structural, architectural, fire protection, plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems. Our knowledge in the industry and team of experts allow us to coordinate systems and find any gaps in the design. Our estimating team is always collaborative, open to new ideas and willing to dig a little deeper in the interest of the project. We use a multitude of technology and tools flexible enough to accommodate the communication and technology needs of our clients.


At JA Fielden we know the details of our projects.  We are experienced in estimating, value analysis, constructability reviews, project operations and management, scheduling, cost control, quality control, and safety.  Due to our experience project teams it leads to more efficient designs, increased budget confidence, lower bid prices, fewer change orders, decreased construction times, and higher quality that supports our clients in managing the overall planning, design, and construction of a project.

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